Anderson and Aronson Crowned Prom Royalty

On prom night students voted and chose their 2022 prom royalty, the winners being Ian Anderson and Caya Aronson. Juniors and seniors voted for the top ten people they felt represented them as prom candidates. This year, there were 11 prom candidates and the pairs did not have to be of the opposite gender.

With excitement, Ian claimed that he “…was very surprised. I wasn’t expecting it.” The pair walked up and down a cleared aisle on the dance floor and soaked in the loud cheers from their peers. After the surreal moment, Caya said she “…feels really grateful because it’s something that I will remember my whole life. It was also really cool to win with and experience it with Ian.” 

The other candidates were Keira Sheldon, Taneka Ingemansson, Caroline Studdert, Caya Aronson, Aiden Griggs, Joe DiVita, Ian Anderson, Ty Giller, Jared Cordero, Dylan Cusick, and Sean Tomany. After a group photo-op and numerous interviews with all of the candidates, it was obvious that everyone supported each other and all were deserving of being crowned royalty on prom night.

Congratulations to the SVHS 2022 Prom Royalty, Caya and Ian!