Say Yes to The Prom Dress 


During late February there was an Instagram account @svhs2022prom created for students to submit their outfits to prevent people wearing the same outfits. Since then there have been many students sending their outfits and all of them have been dresses. On Instagram, the common color has been a dark green. The theme for the prom dance is enchanted forest, and many dresses reflect this dazzling theme. 

Senior Giovanni Stechman is wearing a “black, blue and white suit,” he got the suit from Crown Cleaners and formal wear. While those wearing tuxedos usually rent their outfits from local businesses, students wearing dresses buy their outfits online from around the world. 

Found online by her mother, junior Leeanna Tommasi’s dress is from The Hundred Dresses. She said, “I’m wearing platform converse because I don’t like heels.” She is matching her navy blue dress with jewelry that was given to her by her mom’s friend.

Senior Taitum Israel, describes her silky dress as a “purple, blue, grayish color.” She is matching her dress from the online store Windsor with white heels that “tie up the legs.”

Despite prom being a one night event, the outfits being worn make it feel special. Finalizing the outfits make the night even better. Prom is definitely a night to remember.