Mrs. Kiss Named New Principal

Hutchinson resigns

Elena Forrest and Alex Reilly

Vice Principal Mrs. Kiss was hired to be the new principal of SVHS for 2022-23 school year replacing Principal Mrs. Hutchinson who resigned on April 4.   

Mrs. Kiss stated that she has “really enjoyed getting to know teachers and staff and I feel like this is a great opportunity to work alongside the community and make it the best it can be.” Mrs. Kiss’ goals include wanting the campus to be “a safe and inclusive place.” She plans to work alongside student leaders and teachers to achieve this goal in hopes to get “clear expectations of what our community can be.” 

Another one of Ms. Kiss’ goals is to “focus on social and emotional support for students.” The social and emotional needs of students have been significant this past year.Mrs. Kiss acknowledged that she “would love to see students feel more comfortable accessing their counselor and feel supported.” 

While only hired last year, Mrs. Kiss has been a positive influence for the SVHS community who looks forward to having her lead the school. 

Hutchinson, notified parents, students, and staff that she plans to leave SVHS with the class of 2022, meaning that she will fulfill her position as principal for the rest of the school year, after only holding the position for two years. She stated that leaving was a “Difficult and personal decision, and certainly not an easy one.” Hutchinson revealed that “it was a hard job no matter what was happening” and that “many people feel that the SVHS principal is the hardest job in the district.” 

Hutchinson’s message to the next principal is that “you have to be hard-working, and know that it takes a lot of time. There is a lot of noise in the community and media and I hope that whoever will step in can focus and minimize the negative, and focus on the positive.”