Chic Confidential – Bebe Rules the School

Bebe Rules the School 

Bebe Bartos, a supervisor at SVHS, has eye-catching fashion, which makes her stand out amongst the crowd of students and admin, alike. Oftentimes you can find Bebe, walking down the hallways with a fun, blazer or trench coat, fedora, and a funky handbag. 

Bebe says that her daughter greatly influences her fashion. Bebe says her daughter “worked with designers and in many beautiful stores so she has a great eye for everything.” Bebe and her daughter oftentimes share fashion advice and clothing items as they both love similar stores. 

Bebe as a Czechoslovakian  immigrant tries to incorporate European fashion into her outfits. As she says in “Europe is easier, I just like everything around me  looks, and feels beautiful.” 

Bebe has been employed as a supervisor at SVHS for 30 years. The supervisor position is certainly one of the most difficult as it requires disciplinary action and full-time attention to the students. 

Because of her holding such a stressful position at the high school, we inquired what motivates her to dress so nicely. Bebe told us that “It’s inspiring that I can look better, on my side. I get inspiration from the younger generation, but overall when you are looking good you have more energy and feel better.” 

Overall, Bebe is a fabulous representation of hard work, grit, and devotion. Despite the challenges of immigrating, Bebe always manages to look stylish and put together. 

We thank Bebe, for her dedication to SVHS, but more importantly the student safety at the school. We love you, Bebe!