Pool Progressing

Expected to Open in September


Aidan Griggs, Kacy Minehan, Co-head Editor, News Editor, News Writer

SVHS has been long awaiting the finishing of the new pool on campus. The pool’s construction first started in September 2021, and since then administration has released small updates every few months. Students and community members are eager to have the construction finished and to be able to literally dive in.The school has not had a pool since 2005. The pool complex is expected to open in September.

The swim team has had to drive to Boys Hot Springs everyday for practice at the Sonoma Aquatic Club. This is a struggle for students as not everyone has access to a ride during practice times, which forces some students to drive across town in order to get to practice. 

Senior and captain of the swim team, Audrey Powers said that, “practice times were often always late at night, and it caused a lot of transportation issues for the students who couldn’t drive.”  Not only did this cause complications for students’ transportation but the swim team had to plan their practice times around the Aquatic Centers’ swim times resulting in late night practices often ending later than 8:00 pm. 

The pool will be used for the swim team and possibly P.E. classes but there is some controversy about the pool’s expected community use. Sophomore Kaipo Keliihoomalu said that “they should not open it up to the public when it’s supposed to be a student and school pool. They also need to have swimming classes for students because not everyone knows how to swim and someone could drown.” Keliihoomalu is very passionate about the pool and its future as he still has two years to enjoy its benefits. 

The pool’s construction has been long awaited for students and the community. Powers says,  “I’m sad that I won’t be able to use the pool since I am a senior but I am excited for the future swim team who will be able to use it.”