Chic Confidential – Monochromatic March


Elena Forrest, News Writer

  In this issue, I will be highlighting senior Taneka Ingemanson and the winner of the senior superlative title of “Best Dressed.”

  When asked how she would describe her style, Taneka stated that she has a “colorful, fun, and cohesive style.”      

   Taneka often follows many up-to-date fashion trends, the latest stylistic techniques, and pieces for each season, giving her a stand-out personal style.

  Taneka stated that “fashion is defined by what makes me feel the most confidence in myself because it’s a big way of shaping how I am perceived.” 

  Taneka also stated that her “go-to” look is typically “based around a specific color,” and that recently she has been loving spring and summer pieces such as a “floral dress paired with a matching sneaker baguette bag and of course lots of accessories to tie it together.” 

   The monochromatic theme is one that Taneka often follows and is certainly not one that we will see fade out in the upcoming fashion season,  as it has been seen in many recent runways such as Bottega Veneta, Max Mara, Versace, and Acne Studios, which have been using bright shades of yellow, pink, green and orange for their 2022 spring collections. The colorful trend emulates all things spring and summer, focusing on funky and bold looks. 

   Whether it’s her day-to-day looks or her extensively planned outfits, Taneka always wears adorable and expressive outfits that are meticulously curated with matching shoes and jewelry, giving off a whimsical yet chic look that’s hard not to love!