Welcoming Spring – Curious Bites


Erin Nicholson, Writer

The Spring season finally began on the last day of Spring Break this year. I decided to make some of my favorite spring-inspired snacks to celebrate the beginning of spring.

First is the Spring Fruit Salad. You can use fruits grown in spring, like strawberries, melon, pineapple, and cherries, or add any of your favorite fruits! Having a glass of iced tea or soda with it is tasty as well.  If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can also add sprite and some lime to the salad to make it more into a “soda-treat.”

It’s important to use ripe fruit and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Once you’re done cutting everything, make sure you cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. The fruit will only be good for about a day, so it’s best to eat it the day of making it. 

If you’re a fan of picnics, you will love these cucumber sandwiches. All you need is white bread, cream cheese, and cucumbers. You add a thin layer of cream cheese on each piece of bread, then add the cucumber slices. I sometimes use salmon cream cheese or add thin slices of salmon with the cucumber. These are fun finger food, and great to have after a small hike or walk. 

Another great snack to bring for picnics, or to just have for breakfast are scones. My favorite is the vanilla bean scones from Trader Joe’s, but making them yourself is fun as well. It’s easy to make different flavors, like Lemon Poppyseed, Blueberry, Cherry, or plain!

I asked my fellow classmates what they enjoy eating during spring, and I got some amazing answers. 

Genevieve Smith, sophomore, also enjoys eating fruit salad on picnics, but added that her family likes sharing peaches and vanilla ice cream in the afternoons. “You peel and cut the peaches, and the vanilla ice cream goes really well with the fresh fruit.”

Sam Cutting, junior, says he enjoys a fresh slice of pizza. “You can never go wrong with a classic cheese pizza. I would eat that any day of the week.” 

Riku Gilman, senior, shared that on a warm spring day, he likes to make himself  “a nice bowl of rosemary chicken on a bed of homemade linguini pasta.” Though it takes longer to cook and prepare this fine meal, he says it’s worth it because “it makes [him] happy.”

Enjoy the new season and try making some of these treats if you haven’t already!