“SVHS Communications” Spam Email Pries for Private Information


Elena Forrest, News Writer

   Several dozen SVHS students were sent a false email from an imposter who was posing as the SVHS administration. The incident occurred on February 6 shortly after midnight.

  Within the email, an announcement was made about a possible Valentine’s Day dance. Students were given instructions to respond with their full name and their student ID number if they supported the idea to have a dance. 

   The email was titled “Students Reply”, and came from an address with the name of “SVHS COMMUNICATION,” the same name as the school’s actual emails to the student body The eMail was titled “Students Reply.” However, the language within the email was unlike other emails that the administration has sent in the past.

   A senior girl did not catch onto the falsity of the email, and replied with her name student ID number. She admitted that she “honestly read the email too fast to realize that it was fake. It seemed like a good idea so [she]  replied.”

   According to The Law Dictionary “In addition to facing prison time, monetary fines, and terms of probation, individuals charged with email hacking may also have to deal with civil lawsuits.”

   The illegality of this action means it is a serious breach of school security. Due to the severity of this action, IT professionals are taking vigilant action to track down the perpetrator.