Class of 2022 Commits to College


Bella Quilici, Writer

As seniors are nearing the end of their time at SVHS, more and more students are making their final decisions on where they’d like to spend the next four years. 

The first of the class of 2022 to announce his commitment was Aidan Griggs Demin who plans to play D3 soccer at Haverford College, a liberal arts school in Haverford, Pennsylvania. He said that he committed there because, “It has a good balance of athletics and academics.” He plans to major in biochemistry and was inspired by his sister since “[she] did pre-med and she’s talked a lot about it with me.” 

Shortly after Aidan, fellow athlete Dom Girish was recruited to play D2 basketball at the Colorado School of Mines. Dom feels that “It’s a great fit for [him]. They provided a basketball scholarship and it’s an overall amazing school.” Dom’s friends, family, teammates and coaches watched as he signed his National Letter of Intent on February, 3rd 2022, making his commitment to the engineering school official. 

The only SVHS seniors to apply for early decision were Sean Tomany and Grace Utnehmer. Sean, majoring in data science, applied to Boston University because “[He] feels that there are so many internships and activities that will be able to broaden [his] horizons and shape [him] as a person.” 

Grace who is also planning on spending their next 4 years on the east coast at New York University, will be majoring in “sociology with a focus on queer studies” because they “aim to do sociological reseach that will help dismantle binry, cisgendered, and heteronormaive constructs. [Their] ultimate goal is to tear apart the binary system.” 

The most recent college commit is SVHS Student Voice, Caroline Studdert who plans to continue her scholastic career at Colorado State University. She made the final decision after visiting the campus, and shared that “[her] sister lives 4 hours away and the campus atmosphere is really great.” 

In the coming spring months, more students will hear back from their prospective schools and decide which one will be best for them. If you get an acceptance and would like to share it, stop by the CCC and Mrs. Conner will add it to the College Map.