New Year Leads to a New School-wide Cell Phone Policy 


Alex Reilly , Writer

All teachers on campus were sent an email stating that cell phones must be placed in the teacher’s storage till the end of class. Phones that are not put in the teacher’s care will be confiscated and turned into the office to be picked up by the student at the office. This protocol stays the same as in years prior. Students whose phone is given to the office more than once in a semester will have to have a parent pick up the device and be provided lunch detention.

Teachers have been creative in maintaining this approach; some have used such containers as phone cubbies and  buckets in the middle of tables. Many teachers have used his phone cubbies to mark class attendance.

Students’ reactions have predominantly been against the new policy. They argue that phones can be used responsibly, and  they can benefit students. Junior Brooklyn Peterson says she has had a difficult time adjusting to putting her phone away as her calendar and reminders are all on her phone and not her laptop. She claims, “I’m used to using my phone to organize my school work with extracurriculars.” 

When asked how this cell phone practice differs from protocols in the past, math teacher Mr. Anspach says that in fall 2021 staff meetings, all teachers on campus agreed to use this policy because “consistency is key.” In the past, some teachers took it more seriously than others; yet others have been less proactive. At this point more and more teachers are concerned about cell phones being a distraction to students and their learning.