SVHS Students Take off to Spain


Erin Nicholson, Writer

The “Let’s Travel, Let’s Learn” club is embarking on their ten day trip around Spain during Spring Break of the 2021-2022 school year. They will be visiting various cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, and Libson, all while trying new food, seeing landmarks, and immersing themselves in the culture of Spain.

LeeAnna Tommasi and Peyton Rosa created the club in Sept. 2020, and began hosting informational meetings on Fridays after school. With the help of Ms. Niehaus, one of SVHS’s P.E. teachers, and the partnership of EF Tours, they were able to create a small group of upperclassmen to join the club and have the experience of a lifetime abroad.

Sofia Frazer, senior, said that she was excited to “finally travel, especially with friends.” She added that she was “grateful to be able to make fun memories during the last year of high school before going off to college.” When asked about what she was most nervous about regarding the trip, she laughed and said, “I’m nervous about the bike excursion because I’m not very good at riding a bike!” 

Similar to Sofia, LeeAnna Tommasi, junior, said that she was excited to travel to a new country with friends, while also possibly meeting new people as well. Her goal during the trip is to “learn about the culture of Spain and eat new food!”

So far, the club has made various reservations for different activities, some of which being salsa dancing, bike riding, and visiting the various famous landmarks. 

With the ongoing pandemic, the group is hopeful that they will still be able to embark on their trip. They are following the proper protocols in order to leave the country, though there is still apprehension about the possibility of the pandemic worsening once again. 

Though it’s too late to join their club and attend the trip, reach out to LeeAnna Tommasi, Peyton Rosa, or Ms. Niehaus if you have any questions or interest with future trips. Good luck to the Let’s Travel, Let’s Learn club!