Student Videographer Caya Aronson Captures Sports and Fun Memories

Bella Quilici, writer

With a goal of “wanting to share [her] videos with the school,” Caya Aronson created her popular instagram page amongst students, @cayasview which now has over 600 followers. 

Aronson started her page during 2019, however, it really started to gain traction when “[her] youth pastor asked [her] to film his basketball team.” The videos resulted beautifully which motivated her to “[reach] out to the school” to see if she could capture SVHS sports and events. 

The response from students has been overwhelmingly positive as she constantly receives loving comments on her videos. Aronson said that the support and encouragement is “why I love doing it.” One of her favorite experiences while filming happened “during Homecoming when I was standing at the top of the stairs and people were screaming at me.” 

Aronson is most well known for capturing the varsity football team as she released several highlight videos throughout their session gaining over 1,000 views each. She values the experience of “being a part of the team” and says “it’s cool to capture things that they can look back on.” She also recently premiered a short documentary on the Dragon’s season, featuring interviews and behind the scenes footage from each of their games. 

With only one semester left in her senior year, Aronson wants to “film as many school events as [she] can” and is particularly interested in creating Prom content. 

Looking towards the future, she hopes to “attend a state or an art school and continue with sports digital media.” Aronson attributes Peter Hansen, SVHS video arts teacher, as her “greatest mentor” and mentioned that he “lent [her]  all of [her] equipment.” 

Aronson’s loyal followers can look forward to watching her career develop and possibly earning a digital media job with popular Bay Area sports teams such as the San Francisco Giants or Golden State Warriors.