The Adored Spidey’s Return


Alejandra Gonzalez, writer

Marvel’s recent superhero movie has quickly become a fan favorite and a highly rated film. Spider-man No Way Home has made viewers from older age groups emotional with its inclusion of former Spider-mans, Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Nadia Alquezada, senior, shares the most memorable moments she has while watching the motion-picture.  She said, “I really liked the incorporation of all the Spider-mans because I grew up watching Toby Macguire so it felt really nostalgic. One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Tom Holland’s Spider-man showed the other Spider-men how to work in a group. Also, the movie talked about college applications which were very relevant to what’s happening now as seniors. Overall, it was really good.”

Another major highlight of the movie were all of the fighting sequences. Throughout the movie we saw different fights between the Spider-man and all the former antagonists from other movies, as well as the incorporation of Marvel’s Doctor Strange. During these fights, it was very clear that Spider-man would not be able to handle all of the villains, which built up the anticipation of his downfall. Senior Monique Oros explains that “[her] favorite part of the movie was when the three Spidermans have a talk about working together as a team and proceed to jump off the statue of liberty. The music and film together were just amazing to take in. Seeing all three Spider-men land in order was also super awesome.” Each fight that the Spider-men participated in was jaw dropping, and furthered the massive suspense of completing their mission.  

During Spider-man’s fight with Doctor Strange, a new level of trippiness with revolving buildings, the sky turning inside out, and a train running properly without tracks was brought to the film. “I felt that the movie was very trippy, I liked the whole story and I absolutely loved the fighting scenes,” says junior Monse Cabrera.