Disrespectful Dragons

Caroline Studdert, Op/Ed Writer

Following the year and a half  of distance learning, SVHS has found itself with more behavioral issues than ever. 

The freshmen and sophomores are both technically in their first year of high school given last year was online, leaving our campus being mostly populated by “middle-school” behaved students. 

Usually following one’s freshman year, they have established some sort of sense of dragon pride and an important year of maturity. Due to the lost year of normal school activities and being in a school environment they have lost that year of mature development. 

We have seen a huge increase in mistreatment of campus supervisors, janitorial staff and teachers. 

Because of this disrespect, some school supervisors have unfortunately made the executive decision to leave SVHS, resulting in the school’s extreme lack of staff members. 

Numerous students as well as staff have reported being called racial slurs, bathrooms being trashed, and even being threatened, causing school spirit to drop significantly. 

The recent holiday decorations around school have been stripped down, thrown in toilets, and even flushed away. 

Respect is not a complicated trait. Students at SVHS need to start taking responsibility for their actions and start changing their behavior. It is unacceptable to treat adults and fellow peers in such a discourteous way. 

Following such a hard year, if one should take anything away, it is to treat people with kindness and respect. One does not know what goes on at home to make kids act out this way – but this is not an excuse to be disrespectful.