Grief Counseling

Alex Reilly, Writer

Students Welcomed with Open Arms 

By Alex Reilly

   Free Counseling and more Resources on Our Campus

Since the recent passing of senior Joaquin Reyes, the counseling department as SVHS has amplified the variety of resources available for students. 

   School counselors, psychologists, and social workers are available for grieving students or students who are simply having a hard day. Rooms such as the CCC and G5 have become more accessible for students who need a safe place during school hours. To learn more about the options available you can contact a school counselor. 

   A new resource available to SVHS students is the eight free counseling sessions. This opportunity allows students to have support in the grieving process or with any personal issues they want to discuss with a professional therapist in our area. All of the eight seasons available to students are over-the-phone appointments.         

   Although the free seasons are only available to SVHS students, these therapists work with 10 to 24-year-olds. If the eight free seasons might be of interest to you, contact your council, and they’re happy to guide you through the following steps.

   If you are looking for a specific program or therapist, your counselor can help you and your family navigate the online resource, Care Solace. This program helps individuals find the perfect mental health programs or counseling services that fit their budget and other needs. 

   The Sonoma High Wellness Team facilitates another resource. It is a virtual calming room that promotes various activities and aid. To locate the website, you can email your counselor or go to the SVHS website. Some of the many things available on the website are breathing and mindfulness guides, relaxing sounds, art therapy, yoga, meditation, and mental health support. Counselor Mrs. Brown says she often looks on the site and listens to the sounds of nature when doing her work. Under the mental health support section of the school website, you can find all contact information for yourself or anyone you know who is a victim of grief, domestic violence, sexual assault, and more.