Students’ Parking Crosses the Line


Rose Houghton and Kacy Minehan

The SVHS parking lot has become publicized through an instagram account centered around students’ bad parking. 

The anonymous instagram account has quickly gained popularity within the student body as many worry their bad parking will be exposed.

Created at the beginning of November, @svhs.badparking already has over 380 followers, the accounts following consisting of SVHS students and students from neighboring schools. 

Junior Julio Santoyo, comments “It’s embarrassing that people have the guts to park in school like that.” When asked how he would feel if his own car was featured, he added that he “would be embarrassed but [he] would have nothing wrong with it.” 

The public account is run on uncredited admissions, meaning any students can submit photos of poorly parked cars in the school parking lot and send it to the account to be published. 

“I dont think it’s offensive, I have been on it three times,” says junior Hannah Volat, after being asked if this account may harm students. 

Instead of preventing poor parking, the instagram account has unintentionally resulted in upperclassmen parking horribly, in hopes of having their car posted and popularized.  

The accounts popularity has started a trend, sparking SVHS students to create other student meme accounts such as, @svhsgoodfits, @svhsbadfits, @svhs.badposture, and many more. 

Though comedic, these accounts may invade students’ privacy as some photos are often posted without consent. 

Senior Grace Utnehmer, thinks the account “is not offensive, parking is not personal, [and] it is fine.” 

The bad parking page’s popularity continues to grow; Its title as the most popular among the recent surge of SVHS instagram accounts, is due to the funny content and the surprise that students indulge in when seeing who’s bad parking is going to be caught next.