Christmas Classic ‘Home Alone’ Preps Students for Holidays


Alejandra Gonzalez, Writer

During the holiday season, Christmas classics are brought out again as families gather to celebrate the season of giving. The first two Home Alone movies, starring Macaulay Culkin, are arguably some of the most watched holiday films. They tell the story of a young boy, Kevin McCallister, who is left behind by his family on their holiday vacations. Each time, the large family is so caught up in their hustle to leave on time that they leave Kevin behind with the house.

While being home alone, Kevin finds himself having to manage without his family. In his efforts, he stumbles upon two men, Harry and Marv, who try to rob Kevin’s home. When Kevin realizes the men are up to no good, he sets up elaborate traps and pranks in order to make them leave his home.

Sophomore Lizeth Montelongo says that the movie is humorous “because two adults are being pranked by a child and they always keep getting injured.”

People have very mixed feelings about the Home Alone movies. Some believe that the series is great because of the pranks, while others believe that the first two movies are not suitable for children because of vulgar language.

Sophomore Mckenna Finley believes the movie is “a classic and the sequels are not that bad.” In addition, Tiana Harris believes that “it’s the pinnacle of Christmas movies” because it is played every year.