Understaffing Crisis in Math Dept. 

Understaffing and lack of subs are enormous problems facing SVHS across the board. 

With the recent absence of math teacher, Mrs. Gashler on maternity leave, other teachers from the mathematics department have been forced to cover her classes. 

In some instances, the transition was seamless as some teachers have taken up her classes that they already teach, however for many others the switch has been much more demanding. 

Many of the teachers who have helped to fill in the math classes are not accustomed to teaching the particular subject which they were assigned to fill. Mr. Anspach stated his concerns with taking on added courses because it is “the first year back to in-person and there are gaps in learning and behavior issues” within the students. 

Despite the issue at hand, teachers do receive a 20% pay boost for each additional class that they take on; however, Anspach also stated that  “the negatives outway the positives. The education that the students receive is diminished because this situation has created overworked and frustrated teachers.”   Understaffing and lack of subs are colossal problems facing SVHS across the board. 

SVUSD administrators have not responded to Dragon’s Tale inquiries.