Dragon’s Mic Podcast Strives to Tackle Controversy


Tymen Giller

Cesar Pulido recording an episode for Dragon’s Mic podcast.

Aidan Griggs-Demmin, Co-head Editor, News Editor

   The new SVHS podcast, Dragon’s Mic Podcast, launched their pilot episode on Oct. 13. The podcast is the product of senior Christian Mata’s club, where he is the president, Caesar Pulido is vice president, and Caroline Studdert is secretary. Episodes are released once every two weeks, with each edition featuring a different focus.

    The podcast aims to tackle controversial and pressing topics relating to students, administration, and school culture. Club president Christian Mata emphasized that the club makes sure “everyone has an equal say on the topics brought up and decided on.”

   Their first episode included commentary from both students and staff on Homecoming Week during the pandemic. In the second episode, the hosts highlighted the issues surrounding the school dress code and the double standard it perpetuates.

   With a rotating set of hosts each episode, it provides better representation and exposure of the student body. The club officers are working to gather different groups of students to gain new perspectives for their podcast. The ultimate goal of structuring the club in this way is to “address all the problems our school has” and “make the school more inclusive,” according to club vice president Cesar Pulido.

   The club is using Video Arts teacher Mr. Hansen’s podcast room and equipment for their production. With all the tools to make their voices heard, Pulido states that the best part of the club is “just being able to have no filter and really express [their] opinions without being restricted.”

   “Students are the most contributing factor of the school,” Pulido concludes. “I’m glad we’re getting to make our voices heard.”