Mummy Monday


Natalie Wetzel, Writer

This year Halloween fell on a Sunday, meaning SVHS students are to attend the next Monday. This has happened in the past but poses more of an issue when students grow older and curfews grow later.

Halloween is a night to hangout with friends and show off costumes. Many students are out late at night due to Halloween festivities. Some students hangout with friends, others go trick-or-treating, and even babysit their little siblings. With this being the first Halloween back from Covid, and it being safer to go out, teens are eager to experience the spooky atmosphere. 

Most students are not willing to give up the first Halloween back in order to get a good night’s sleep for the next day of school. Students are most likely to come to school extremely tired, making class periods unproductive.

Now, if November 1 lacks students, the answer suggests a late Halloween night. The halls at break at lunch were filled with students in their pajamas. On a rainy day, many students decided it was best to stay home and snack on their candy.