Getting Rooted in the Community


Alex Reilly, Writer

The Earthlings Club presents an opportunity for high schoolers to grow and expand in the local community. For students passionate about the environment, the club is a productive way to communicate and socialize with diverse people while working together in Sonoma.
Earthlings Club originated from the environmental ambassadors of Sonoma reaching out to the Sonoma Mentoring Alliance and the local Sonoma Garden Park. Students can build their leadership and communication skills through these connections to find ways to root themselves in the Sonoma County community. 
Meetings are held on Zoom or at the Sonoma Garden Park to fulfill the club’s primary purpose in giving students the tools and support to take their initiative in serving the environment. 
Last year, SVHS Building Community Club held an arts and crafts fair at the Ecology Center and gave the proceeds to a non-profit organization. Earthling members led the fair, and with the club’s support, made over $600. 
Recently, the Earthlings have been working on a large project to connect with Sonoma sister schools. Club members have the opportunity to send letters to pen-pals from other high school students in countries such as Japan to talk about ways to make the community more sustainable. 
The Sonoma Ecology Center community holds a variety of activities for the Earthling Club. Last summer’s activities included listening to public speakers, guided hikes, yoga, meditation, propagating trees, and farmers markets. 
While the club will continue throughout the year, most activities will happen in the spring and summer. There is no anxiety or deadlines; this club is meant to be a stress-free space for students to collaborate within Sonoma’s Local Garden Park. Someone interested in joining or learning more about the club will be able to check out the Sonoma Ecology Center website under education.