The Need for Vaccines and Protocols in Sports

Anders Mathison, Sports Editor

As this second wave of Covid has hit the United States, many schools and sports teams alike have mandated vaccines, with others requiring weekly testing if unvaccinated. 

The same is true for SVHS, as weekly testing is required for participation if the athlete is unvaccinated. 

In regards to the sports Covid regulations, senior Alyssa Medeiros stated that she thinks “at times the regulations can be a bit strict, but in the end they are for the greater good of the students.” 

This is a standpoint taken by many at the school, who feel as if the regulations are strict, but necessary for the safety of our student – athletes. 

However, there are still many that protest such regulations, as vaccines and Covid testing have recently morphed into a political issue, when in reality, it is a matter of simple human rights.

The elections that have taken place over the past year have thrust vaccines and Covid regulations into a new scene, the political scene. This has caused a harsh divide between standpoints on everything Covid, with conservatives leaning toward the opposing side, and liberals generally in strong support of vaccines and regulations. 

This has simultaneously transferred into the sports world as well, with players such as Kyrie Irving in the NBA and Aaron Rodgers in the NFL notorious for refusing the vaccine. 

In the case of Kyrie Irving, his status of unvaccinated has led him to be dismissed from the team until he receives such vaccination. Irving has repeatedly maintained his position, which is firmly against the vaccine. 

When asked about Kyrie Irving’s situation with the Brooklyn Nets, sophomore Matt Jordan stated that he feels like “[Irving] is being treated unfairly,” but that “the easier option might be for him to get the vaccine in order to join his team.”

This issue is eerily similar, in facets, to the protesting of the national anthem, with many athletes refusing to kneel, and many choosing to take a knee. It is similar in the fact that it is a polarizing issue, which sets athletes with differing views against each other. 

SVHS does not want those vaccinated or unvaccinated to be criticized for their stance on the vaccine, and they keep the vaccination status of their students secret from the student body. 

While dealing with this issue must feel like walking on eggshells for the SVHS admin, their policies have been just, and their regulations strict but effective.