Dragones Latinx Celebrates Día De Los Muertos

Alejandra Gonzalez, Feature Writer

   Día De Los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in Latin culture to remember the lives of past loved ones. During this time, many families create altars placing a few of their favorite things that remind the families of their loved ones. The night after Halloween, altars with food, drinks, favorite flowers, and other decorations are set up. 

   At SVHS, the club Dragones Latinx created an event which took place on Nov. 1 in the H wing courtyard to remember loved ones. The club put together a large altar during lunch to celebrate them, and sold pan dulce and drinks to raise money. President of two years, Jimena Echeverria, believes “ it is important that SVHS celebrates Día De Los Muertos because it honors the culture of our Latinx students on campus. This holiday is about death, but it is not sad nor scary.” She continues, “We set up ofrendas with food and drinks for relatives who have passed on. It is a way to celebrate the lives of our loved ones.”

   Students at SVHS and the Latinx Community enjoy celebrating Día De Los Muertos and its significance. Junior Lydia Segura feels that the day celebrates “getting together with family and celebrating our ancestors.” Freshman Aaron Beiza and Senior Andrea Beiza both explained that they enjoy “eating and getting together with family.” 

   Día De Los Muertos will always be an important day filled with family and culture in the Latinx community. It is very special that SVHS can acknowledge this day and show their appreciation for such a special time.