The Sandstorm Blinds Success of Dune


Alejandra Gonzalez, Writer

Dystopian and sci-fi film, Dune, offers a thrilling story of Paul (Timothée Chalamet), who is sent with the Fremen to inhabit planet Arrakis in order to ensure the dynasty of his family and safety and supply of the incredibly coveted spice. 

The film grossed 41 million dollars within the domestic opening weekend, and earned 361 million dollars through its worldwide release. However, its success was blinded by the movie’s confusing the plot and by the length it took to begin the plot. 

Although the press tours before the premiere of the film had alluded that actress, Zendaya, would play a large part in the movie, in reality she was in Dune for a total of seven minutes. Senior Isabelle Costanzo noted that “Timothée Chalamet was clearly the main character and hopefully in the sequel Zendaya will play a larger role.”

Throughout the movie there were some confusing moments which foreshadowed the sequel, which was made apparent in the title Dune Part One. 

Costanzo concluded that another Dune film is in the works, saying that “clearly it was a preview of what the sequel will be about, because there were many vague moments to be elaborated upon.” 

The camera work and shots were among the most impressive elements of the film. Costanzo thought that the “cinematography and acting were  phenomenal.” Shots of the desert and of sand dunes were able to build suspense for events that occurred, and further helped the transition from scene to scene.