Curious Bites: Spooky Halloween Treats


Erin Nicholson, Writer

Scrolling through TikTok continued to suck time out of my day during the spooky season, but it served its purpose by giving me fantastic Halloween treats that I want to share with you today. These sweet and savory treats are some of the most popular ideas I found on the app. Take notes and save these ideas for next year! (Or if you’re like me, next week). 

Tara Ippolito is a rising TikTok user with over a million followers. She’s known for her home cooking with easy-to-follow recipes and holiday-themed recipes. Her “Sheet Pan Intestines” are a creepy yet delicious dessert with two simple ingredients: cinnamon rolls and glaze. 

In her video, she unravels the cinnamon rolls onto a sheet pan, allowing them to bake in a twisted shape. After they cool, she finishes it with red food coloring in the glaze to cover the “intestines.” It was a quick, simple, and cheap way to celebrate the holiday.

A classic Halloween snack rose to fame again this year because of its fast cook time and mouthwatering results. The “Mummy Dogs” recipe can be found on the TikTok account “hall0weenspirit,” which is dedicated to posting Halloween-themed food recipes. 

By unwrapping and flattening crescent rolls onto a pan, you simply cut the dough into rows with different widths. Then you wrap the dough around the hot dog, making sure it looks like a mummy. After baking, you can add candy eyes and dip it in ketchup, ranch, or any other sauces to your taste. 

Finally, my favorite Halloween treat was the “BlueBerry Pastry Halloween Food” from the account Foodie Beats. You only need a round pastry sheet with fresh blueberries and blueberry filling. After wrapping the pastry into a ball, you take a piece of twine and wrap it around the ball, making it look like a pumpkin.

After a couple minutes baking, you’ll have a delicious pumpkin-shaped pastry to enjoy with friends and family! The size and filling can be customized, so it can be fit for anyone. 

These Halloween treats were the most popular and delicious recipes I found during the month of October. Make sure you try these recipes yourself, or keep them in mind for next year! Making these holiday treats are best when with friends or family.