Press Play on October Film Releases


Rose Houghton, Writer

The shutdown of movie theaters and the many lockdowns during 2020 delayed multiple mainstream movies from being released. Many movie production teams decided to postpone their release dates due to fear of poor turnout and inaccessibility. 

Now with movie theaters back open and in full swing, highly anticipated films have finally been released, meaning that movie fans everywhere are ecstatic. With new stories and plots, October and November are predicted to be filled with new movies ranging from sequels, phase 4 Marvel movies, and book adaptations to reimagined classics like Dune and Westside Story.   

“I’m looking forward to seeing No Time to Die!” says junior, Lincoln Reiter, “I’m a big James Bond fan.” Movies originally scheduled to come out in 2020 have had trailers released for almost a year and half, keeping many fans on the edge of their seat.

No Time to Die completes Daniel Craig’s career playing the popular character of James Bond. The early release of the movie’s soundtrack includes a special film-inspired soundtrack featuring Billie Eilish’s song titled, “No Time to Die.” 

Loved by fans all over the world, the record reached top charts 20 months before the movie’s release, creating a large crowd of eager James Bond and Billie Eilish supporters. 

Movies such as Dune, which came out the week before Halloween, have had teaser trailers out since September of 2020, leading to a collection of anticipating fans. 

The postponement of the Dune resulted in a new wave of love for the original novel, written by Frank Herbert. The story has been a top seller in stores nation-wide, as fans enthusiastically read the 412-page book before seeing the story come to life.Social science teacher, Mr. Tierney, looks forward to the readaptation of the story. “I love the original Dune, and I’ll be watching with a wistful sadness because Jodorowsky’s visionary Dune film was never made.”  

The Eternals is one of the most anticipated movies by action genre lovers, and is scheduled to come out late October. Marvel fans look forward to seeing the Cinematic Universe tackle a whole new superhero team. Senior Charlotte Bridant is excited for “the big ensemble,” saying that “there are a lot of actors [she] likes.” 

The last couple months of 2021 are jam-packed with  popular movie releases, hopefully allowing for movie theaters in all countries to recover from the shutdown of 2020.

Other blockbuster postponed movies expected to come out in the next couple of months include The Matrix: Resurrections, Kingsman 3, The French Dispatch, The Guilty, The Last Duel, King Richard, Last Night in Soho, and Mary Saints of Newark, the prequel to the popular television series, The Sopranos. Fans of all genres of movies can be expected to enjoy their fall and winter weekends watching movies.