CSF: Extracurricular Involvement on the Rise

   The first year back in person since the beginning of Covid has launched an exponential increase in CSF members. This year’s member count is at a whopping 107 whereas the prior school year had 37. This year’s member count is the highest since Mr. Tierney was appointed club advisor, which signifies that many students are eager to get back into extracurriculars after quarantine. 

   Social science teacher and club advisor Mr. Tierney stated that he is “feeling very positive about CSF as this is the largest number that I have seen and I am hoping that we can turn it into a service oriented club.” Mr. Tierney hopes to shift some of the club’s focus onto tutoring younger students in subjects like math and english. He also revealed that he is “particularly pleased that this year’s members reflect the diversity of the student body.”

   CSF is a nationally recognized academic club for high achieving students. In order to qualify, students’ grades must consist of A’s and B’s in the most academically rigorous courses. 

  The honors society gives students perks which make them eligible for scholarships for college. Along with the financial incentive to join, members also receive a gold stole and cords, along with a stamp on their diploma.  

  This increase is a great sign of students’ excitement to do well in school as well as participate in clubs. However, it raises concern if all 107 members who have signed up will actually participate throughout the school year. 

   Despite this concern, the club turnout thus far has been nothing short of outstanding.