Fresh Out of the Oven: A New Culinary Facility

Rose Houghton, writer

With in person learning back in full swing, students are finally able to take advantage of SVHS’s new culinary facilities. The year-long construction process that took place during the school’s online learning was completed in Dec. 2020, and is finally open to students and staff this new school year. 

Those in the food and culinary arts classes have been able to take advantage of the new utilities including the walk-in freezer, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, and refrigerators. 

“Everything is new” says culinary arts and foods teacher, Mr. Beard. Previously, the facilities included one classroom, “with the kitchens on the side and the desks in the center.” Now the kitchen is separate from the culinary classroom, which was renovated after previously being the old engineering classroom.

“The facility is really nice,” notes senior Audrey Powers, a first year food student. She adds that “it’s cool that there are two buildings, it allows for us to be more interactive with each other while cooking.” Before the new construction, the cooking facilities were over twenty five years old, whereas now, “nothing is falling apart, everything is easier to clean.” The kitchen now has larger and updated equipment, including a high quality pizza oven which will be placed in the area between the two classrooms to allow for students to have the opportunity to cook outside.

Olivia Dougherty, senior, mentions, “there is so much more space for everyone; people can get their food projects done more efficiently.” While interviewing different students as well as Mr. Beard, there were no negative opinions said about the upgraded kitchens and classroom, most mentioning its one of the best and most updated classrooms on campus. 

The new culinary facilities create a promising future for the foods and culinary arts classes at SVHS with all the new brand new equipment and space. The classrooms allow for the class’ curriculum to broaden s due to the accessibility of new equipment.