Royalty Put To The Ultimate Test During Homecoming Week

Alex Reilly, writer

On Thursday, two weeks before Homecoming, the candidates for SVHS royalty were announced on the loudspeaker during first period. The leadership class had scheduled a broadcast, rally, bio reads, and  parade leading up to the Friday night football game, where the winners were revealed.  

Rollo Benstead is “excited about writing a roast for [his] partner Elena Forrest.” He doesn’t think the competition is significant but feels that Homecoming candidates bring students closer together. He also stated that he is “honored to be in the first Homecoming court that uses the new field.”

Elena Forrest “believe[s] that Homecoming court brings students to close together, as [they] all participate in activities alongside each other, raising school spirit.” She was excited to read her partner Rollo Bensteads bio but says “[she’s] sad that [they] could not use the cars [on the field]. It will not feel like a Homecoming in the past.”

Basketball star Dominic Girish is “looking forward to riding in Lauren Hengeholds dad’s car down Broadway.” He believes that Homecoming helps improve school spirit, specifically during the Homecoming football game. “I’m excited to walk down the new field because it’s a beautiful addition to the SVHS campus.”

Hunter Belleville feels “honor[ed] to be nominated,” and believes “”Homecoming candidates are role models for the younger classes.” Hunter is sad that he cannot ride in the cars during the halftime football game but is nonetheless proud to represent the school.

Latinx and LGBTQIA+ activist Jeremy Castillo Carreras is excited to hear his bio. He “wants to see change among our school and [is] eager to see more representation among the Latinx and LGBT+ community.” Jeremy is most excited to walk out on the new field during halftime. 

Cyman Dever is looking forward to the challenges held at the plaza rally. He says that “running for Homecoming is fun and the challenges are entertaining to watch.” He thinks it’s pretty cool to be among the first candidates to walk the new field. 

In addition, Patty Jimenez has grown closer to the Homecoming candidates and students at the school that she didn’t know before she was nominated. She says that “voting for candidates brings students closer together.” Patty is excited to be one of the first candidates on the new field but sad that SVHS will not continue the tradition of driving cars across the field during halftime. 

Another candidate, Miguel Molina, is eager to hear what Ferne says about him during the bio reading at the plaza and the halftime game: “It will be very memorable standing in front of both crowds.” He believes Homecoming candidates positively affect the students, saying that “it allows the student body to connect to those they are not familiar with and vote as a unit.” Miguel is super excited to be the first royalty on the new field, which will make the experience even more special. 

Similarly, Ferne Alvarez is excited to parade down Broadway, noting that “it has been so long that the school’s community has come together like that.” She’s excited to look down the stadium and see everyone, saying that “the football games have been a sense of normality that helps escape from Covid.” Ferne made sure to shout out last year’s prom candidates, Toni Arzaga and Hector Vargas.

Lauren Hengehold loves Homecoming week because “[it] gets people excited for the rest of the school year” and “welcomes new students to the high school in a fun way.” She’s looking forward to the school rally as it’s the activity she remembers most from her freshman year and will miss the tradition of riding cars down half time.

The candidates are looking forward to Homecoming week. Students’ school spirit is through the roof after missing last year’s events, so SVHS is ready for the chance to come together and celebrate again!