Extra Immunity Boosts onto Scene!

Owen Vanzant, Writer

The vaccine has proved itself effective when fighting against Covid, but the immunity begins to wane. Those that are eligible for booster shots are the health providers, residents of long-term care facilities, and other older adults who had acquired their second dose of the vaccine eight months ago. The US was waiting to administer these booster shots due to the Delta variant as well as the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Those who had acquired the Johnson and Johnson vaccine are not authorized to get the mRNA booster, but there will be a future dose they are eligible for. 

While booster doses are helpful to reinforce that immunity that had continued to diminish, a third dose was recommended for those who could not construct enough defense with the first two doses of the vaccine. With the promise of booster shots to all, President Biden wants booster shots to be distributed to those who are vulnerable to being infected.

Teachers agree that classes and schools before had not adjusted to the protocols they were putting in place for Covid, “Protocols just were not in place yet, as we were quarantining just about everyone.” (Mitchell, H27). People hope that booster shots are truly effective and can assist and reinforce schools and their opinions on Covid and the deals  to fight against it.

Covid is notoriously rampant within large and close crowds, while students  may seem close while outside they are even closer on the inside as students spend hours in close contact. It is hoped that booster shots will soon be available soon and specifically to people who are immunocompromised.