New School Pool, Weight Room Construction Underway

Kacy Minehan and Alex Reilly

Two pools and a weight room are in the construction process on campus. Before the 2022-2023 school year, this project will be completed between the Pavilion and little theater.

The school has partnered with Splash, a nonprofit, privately-funded organization. Their mission is to build aquatic facilities around Sonoma Valley, and they are helping to fund the school project. SVHS is working with Lathrop Construction company to complete this project.

One will be a 16 lane competition pool, and the second will be a small pool to learn how to swim. The pool will be open to the public after school hours, alongside an equipment building with restrooms. 

Due to Principal Hutchinson’s perseverance, the school is building a new weight room. Located next to the pool and will be approximately 50’ by 30’. NFL alumni, Tony Moll, is helping design the facility and choose the equipment.

Behind the World Language portables and next to the Little Theatre, there will be shade structures for students to eat lunch. The area will be landscaped to “make it look inviting,” says Hutchinson. 

In the last year and a half, the school has built a new culinary room, on-campus athletic fields, and landscaped the campus. After the pools and weight room are done, the school will renovate the M buildings.

Although students are happy about the renovations on campus, the construction blocks off where most lunch tables were located. The lower classmen are affected by this the most as they stay on campus during lunch. “I really liked the seating; the hallways are crammed, and I cannot socialize well,” claims Julia Belleville, sophomore. 

Some find the change more inviting. “I like the relocation of the tables, and it brings students closer to campus,”said Mr. Anspach. The lunch tables are now located between the H wing and the J classrooms.

All grades share a mutual feeling for their excitement of the pool and new weight room. “I’m excited Sonoma will finally have a place for the swim team, ”senior Sofia Frasier exclaimed.