Class Officer Results are In! 

Elena Forrest , Writer

Annual class officer elections took place on Aug. 27, where each class elected representatives to help assist Leadership make decisions.   

Lauren Hengehold was elected as president, Natalie Wetzel as vice president, Rollo Benstead as secretary, and Joe Gitti Di Vita as treasurer.

Natalie Wetzel states that her goal for this year is to “make senior year lit!” Lauren’s goals include to “encourage participation in school events from all demographics, and ensure that everyone has a great last year of high school.” 

This energetic bunch combines all things SVHS with their optimistic and positive attitudes which will be sure to help support their fellow seniors and school community as a whole. 

The junior class officers are Livi Harb as president and secretary and Niki Arguello as vice-president and treasurer. Livi and Niki have participated in student leadership since they were freshman, so they have strong leadership experience. They said that their main goal this year “is to increase school spirit and participation.” Livi stated that they “balance each other out perfectly” as a dynamic duo.  Livi describes herself as more energetic whereas Niki claims to be more laid back, so they compliment each other in a great partnership.

This year’s sophomore class officers are Julia Belleville as president , Andrew Bonfigli as vice president , Matthew Jordan as secretary, and Lee Scott as treasurer. The main goal of the sophomore officers is to raise the overall energy of their class. Vice president Andrew Bongfili stated that the reason why he ran to be a class officer is because “[he] wanted to have a voice at this school.” Julia Belleville states that her goal is “to make this year as fun as possible because it is our first year on campus due to the pandemic.” In an effort to make up for lost time, this year’s sophomore officers will work tirelessly to help provide for their school community. 

This year’s freshman class officers are Kendall Clemons as president and treasurer and Katie Jewell as vice president and secretary.

When asked about her motivations for becoming a class officer, Kendall stated that she “wanted to help the other freshmen get involved at their new school.” Katie stated that her main goal is to “spread inclusivity within their grade and make everyone feel welcomed.” The two freshman girls relayed their excitement for their leadership positions by speaking about the class T-Shirts that they designed and the homecoming float that they organized.

With these officers in place, each grade is sure to have a successful and eventful year…congratulations to all of the 2021-2022 class officers!