Eager Students Experience the Excitement of Club Rush

Rose Houghton, Writer

Eager SVHS students were excited to pitch their clubs to the student body during the long-awaited Club Rush. The hallway between the library and rotunda was filled with tables stacked side-by-side draping posters and sign up sheets for all the students to notice as they passed the scene during lunch on Friday, Aug. 17.

Club rush included a large range of student-run clubs, from tabletop games to Star Wars, each receiving sign ups from students every year. 

“My experience of club rush was really great,” says Peyton Rosa, Junior, and co-president of Earth Club.  “I’m just happy to see everyone in person interacting and signing up for new clubs. It was also great to see all of the new clubs people created this year!” 

The clubs varied from focusing on important issues such as diversity and climate change, to participating in fun activities like volleyball and video games. 

Solana Staes, sophomore and secretary of GenUp, adds “ our experience at club rush was good, we have gotten around forty new members to join” GenUp, a student activist coalition, advocates for education among the youth, “Our main goal is to bring diversity into the educations of youth in ways such as through books.” 

The hallway stayed busy all through lunch as clubs persuaded the passing students to sign up with the help of lollipops and candy bars. 

Sean Tomany, Senior, Co-President, mentions the importance of joining Model UN, saying that “Model UN helps students learn about public speaking, as well as problem solving. We go to conferences with high schoolers across the world and solve problems including climate change, conflicts, and economic issues.” 

Club rush began a wave of new student led organizations that will meet frequently throughout the year. SVHS looks forward to what these clubs will bring to the table throughout the school year.