Soaking Up ‘Solar Power’


Alejandra Gonzalez, writer

Lorde’s Solar Power is a great introduction album for anyone looking to get into her discography. The mellow melodies and uplifting choruses create a beautiful rhythm; her uniquely written lyrics make this album different from Lorde’s past projects. The album started as a ray of sunshine and towards the end became sad and murky.

All the songs have cohesive sounds that pair well with each other. This album seems very personal to Lorde, as some of her songs reflect how she felt when she first started to get popular and didn’t know who she was as an artist. “Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)”, reflects how she wanted to grow up and become a singer. 

Lorde’s music demonstrates how damaging it was to grow up in the spotlight at such a young age. Another song that reflects how she felt when she was young is “Big Star”; this song is written for her younger self, specifically referencing how she started drinking and started going to parties as a growing girl. Another song that ties with “Big Star,” is “Mood Ring,” in which she talks about how everyone is disappointing. She would like to go back to the 2000’s to when she was a child.

The song that highlights Lorde’s beautiful writing techniques in this album is called “Fallen Fruit”. The lyrics help the listener imagine a goddess or god walking through a field at sunset. Just listening to this song helps a listener like myself feel at peace. 

In comparison to some of her early works such as “Pure Heroine”, this new album is worth listening to. Solar Power is a direct contrast to some of Lorde’s earlier music like “Royals” and “Ribs” from her album “Pure Heroine” released in 2013. It is more lively, more vibrant, more sweet and more like a ray of sunshine. The contrast can also show how Lorde has grown as a person and has matured from 2013.