Powder Palooza Resumes After a Year

SVHS Leadership has a history of putting on an event during football season, called Powder Palooza. On Friday, Sept. 17, students of each grade dressed in all-white apparel, and 30 minutes before the game started, they gathered together to throw a mixture of cornstarch and dye up in the air. As the powder settles, students are left with a colorful explosion on their white t-shirts and on their skin. 

Because after school activities like Powder Palooza were non-existent because of Covid last year, students were excited to participate in the fall festivity. Senior Chelsea Young thought “it was a good amount of people but of course anytime we can have more people join the better.” 

Since the foundation of our new sports field complex, events like Powder Palooza that used to take place on Arnold Field or Field of Dreams are now being relocated. Senior Campbell Rolston found the location switch convenient “because [she] was able to just walk over after volleyball practice [to the field].” 

At the event, students threw up their cups of colors which included pink, blue, yellow, green, and red. Senior Caya Aronson, the designated and widely-loved videographer of the student body, made an appearance at the event, capturing colorful clips which will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes when her montage drops. “[Powder Palooza] was a visual representation of our school spirit,” she explains. “It was cool to record [everyone], because I love making videos for the school that people can look back on in the future!” She shared the pictures she took of the students on a website linked in her Instagram bio, @cayasview. 

Aronson also took videos of the football game that night, and was able to quickly get to the scene of Powder Palooza because of the close proximity of the grass to the football field. “I was filming football already, and when there was a short break, I ran and took videos and pictures quickly so I could get back to the game.”

The football game afterwards was a great activity following Powder Palooza, the whole student section bright with their array of rainbow-stained shirts. Rolston added that she “did go to the game after, and it was really fun seeing everybody covered in the colored powder.”