COVID or Cold

Natalie Wetzel, Writer


Covid or Cold?

By Natalie Wetzel


   Cold symptoms are now being often confused with Covid symptoms, causing panic in many across the U.S.. 

   As we transition into fall, colds and the flu are quite common, raising concern if it is truly a cold or Covid. Many people will dismiss their Covid symptoms as common colds or flus, which brings a higher risk of spreading the virus. 

   As the cold season approaches, it is important to air on the side of caution. Students may be confusing cold-like symptoms with Covid, continuing to come to school, adding to the infectious spread. 

   SVHS protocol regarding Covid is centered around the app, Crisis Go. A survey is taken by the parents of students at the start of each morning to see if the student has any symptoms. If symptoms are felt, then the student is sent home until symptoms clear.        

   In theory, this is a good system in order to keep the student body safe. However, this prevents students from coming to class who don’t actually have Covid.    

   Students with symptoms are unable to attend school for a minimum of 10 days until they are cleared and there is no option of online school to make this up.     Students are then behind when they return to school. 

   Instead of this system, SVHS should offer testing so that students with symptoms are able to get rapid-tested so they can return to class if negative. 

   Another issue with flu season around the corner is many people will convince themselves that they are sick with the virus, causing unnecessary panic. To avoid unnecessary panic and quarantines, testing should be more readily available.