2021 Senior Week Take on a New Dimension

Marina Trotta, Writer

SVHS is excited to announce that the seniors will be able to celebrate their accomplishments with an end of the year senior week, put on by the leadership class.

Starting on Tuesday June 1, seniors will have a Grad Night Drive Thru at the high school from 4-7pm. Where they will have the opportunity to win prizes and each student will be given a goodie bag provided by Boosters.  

On June 2 there will be a movie night located on Adele’s field starting at 8:30pm. All seniors who plan to attend must RSVP by May 28. 

June 3 will be Field Day for seniors. Seniors also must RSVP to this event by May 28 if they plan on attending. There will be food, popsicles and outdoor activities for students to participate in including spikeball, volleyball and cornhole. 

June 4 is going to be the senior’s last time as a group getting to reminisce on past memories over Senior breakfast at 8:15a.m. before graduation practice at 9:00 a.m. 

All seniors are encouraged to attend and participate in these events as their final farewell to their last four years at the high school.