No More Pennants for the 2021 Sports Seasons


Dom Girish and Anders Mathison

All sports teams in the Vine Valley Athletic League (VVAL) unfortunately can no longer take home a championship pennant this season.

 In a non-COVID season, teams would be able to compete for a notorious pennant, which are typically hung either in the rafters or on the walls.   

 After cutting almost all sports season in half, league officials have determined that this COVID-19 year is far too short for teams to display their full potential and take home a pennant. 

 When asked about his thoughts on the validity of the season, senior Gavin Blanusa stated that “it feels like we aren’t really having a season since we can not win anything. It has definitely lowered my motivation and I am sad that my last year of organized basketball has to be essentially meaningless.”

 Many student-athletes feel as if this year is merely an extended summer league where they are playing solely for enjoyment, rather than for an end goal and reward. 

In this shortened season, many students argue that the pennant would be more necessary and beneficial than ever. A school winning a pennant and getting the rush of adrenaline that comes with actually winning something could only help in this dampened school year. 

Teams across the league have voiced their disappointment and dissent about this year’s lack of significance, but remain hopeful for next year’s bid for a championship season with a tangible prize.