May Artist of the Month – Elsa Winter

Morgan Salars, Writer

Elsa Winter is an AP Studio Art student in Mr. Anderson’s class. Elsa is very involved at SVHS and the town of Sonoma. She has gifted several of her art projects to the community. 

Elsa has been working with Campus Beautification Club and recently finished a large mural on the F-Wing classrooms. Outside of school Elsa has participated in the Sonoma Valley Arts Task Force heart projects located at the Plaza. 

Elsa says, I love that art is really an outlet for expression; the possibilities are endless and I think that the fact that it’s up to the artist to think of what they want to say and how they want to say it is really powerful.” 

Elsa expresses her artistic abilities through drawing and painting but also has an interest in digital art and design. Using recycled materials and doing little projects is something she enjoys as well. 

Elsa plans on incorporating art into her future in some way or another. She is attending UC Santa Barbara in the fall where she plans to continue studying art.