SVHS Returns to School Hybrid

With a hybrid schedule, students have returned to school the week of April 6. Following all Covid-19 safety guidelines, the students have had a safe return back. 

   Mrs. Purtell, a math teacher at SVHS emphasizes, “It’s so nice to see students face-to-face and it feels like a step back towards a “normal” school.  I can’t wait to get all of my students back on campus soon”.

   Guidelines have been enforced around campus involving the hallways, bathrooms, and classrooms. Arrows throughout the hallways direct students on campus to take the safest, socially distanced route to class. Bathrooms are accessible only during class and have a one at a time policy. After every class students sanitize their desks with wipes and leave class one at a time. 

  Students returned to school with a warm welcome, with spirited balloons and excited teachers greeting them at the school’s entrance.