New Guidelines and Tiers for Covid

New Guidelines and Tiers for Covid

As the switch to a hybrid schedule for the remainder of this year is underway, many different protocols and guidelines have been put in place to ensure that students’ health is protected while learning.

Junior Bella Brophy thinks that “the switch to in person school went pretty smoothly because [she] th[ought] that the teachers prepped [the students] well, giving [them] all the information [they] need[ed] to come back and learn properly.” 

   On campus, students are required to wipe down the surfaces they touch before and after sitting down, to exit the room if they are desperate for water or food, to sit six feet apart with masks on at all times, to go to the bathroom during passing periods, and to exit campus immediately after school is over.

Brophy tends to notice that “kids at school have been following these guidelines really well because they know of the consequences that spreading Covid will bring.”

As of right now, in order to get vaccinated, students who are 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult, and have an appointment. Along with that, those who work in restaurant business and agriculture business are eligible if given an appointment by their employer to receive the vaccine.  

Students may be vaccinated and are going to school, but are still required to wear a face covering because they can still spread Covid even though they cannot contract it.  

Covid Tiers are zones of places that are highly affected by Covid, meaning many Covid cases. Similarly to purple air and fire seasons, Purple in COVID terms is the worst tier to be in.