Convention Format Revealed for 2021 Slate Selection


Aidan Griggs-Demmin, News Editor

Every year, groups of three SVHS students compete in a variety of activities and contests at the Convention.  Students vote on the winning group, who are awarded the coveted positions of Student Voice, Financial Advisor, and Activities Director. With school still taking place entirely online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entirety of the Convention activities will be pre-recorded or streamed live. 

Convention will occur on March 24, the Wednesday of the first week back from Spring Break. The event will be on a C day, and leadership student Ella Castillo assures that the broadcast “will be running all day regardless of class schedule.”

Throughout the day, students will vote via a Google Form shared with the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on their grade level Google Classroom. Voting will take place twice, with the first round eliminating  one slate, and the second round selecting the winner of the two remaining slates.

Before, between, and after the two voting rounds, videos will be broadcasted to the student body, in which members of the three slates will showcase talents, detail their ambitions, and participate in humorous activities.

Junior Sean Tomany, who is a member of Slate 2, has “enjoyed the experience” of preparing for the event.

We’ve had to adjust to the new ways of presenting during these times.”

— Sean Tomany

Tomany stated, but he is “excited for what’s next.”

In previous years, the slates have  gathered in Golton Hall for a full day of competitions and events. “Delegates” of students, each a group of four students with the theme of a certain state, dress up and gather in the audience as the contestants participate in a variety of activities that take place in between voting rounds. A “Dragon’s Court” of top students from the senior class oversee the activities and count the votes.

Senior Gavin Blanusa, who has been to three conventions in his three years as a Dragon, has particularly enjoyed  “the rap songs and watching the candidates embarrass themselves.” He just hopes that the online format “can capture the fun that we usually experience when it’s in person.”