March Artist of the Month- Eric Sandeen

Morgan Salars, Writer

Eric Sandeen, a senior in Art 1, has found a way to express himself through his newly discovered talent. Eric has attended SVHS all four years of high school and has lived in Sonoma his entire life. A variety of artistic elective classes over his years at SVHS  has given him not only an outlet but a connection with himself. 

Eric is currently enrolled in Video Arts in addition to an Art 1. Last year was his first year of taking an art class which was graphic design he describes as a “… great experience and more hands-on.” Exploring different forms of art in high school has been a great interest.  

Eric emphasizes “I really enjoy the creative aspects of art because you get to create a piece of art that’s really yours, and it’s fun to create things that just represent you as a person.” 

Eric claims his biggest struggles in art are  coming up with an idea. The day of the dead or Dia de Los Muertos project was his favorite so far this year. 

Eric plans to pursue art as a lifelong hobby to connect with himself and the world around him. When asked about what inspires him as an artist, Eric responded, “Objects around me definitely inspire me because if I’m stuck thinking of what to create I can just look around me and find the littlest things to start the creation of an art piece.”

A lifelong hobby and passion awaits this talented student to keep exploring throughout his life.