Arzaga and Vargas are Homecoming Royalty in This Unusual Year


Marina Trotta, Writer

Homecoming week has approached SVHS. The week 2/22-2/25 is filled with spirit days, activities to win prizes, and the homecoming court. 

Starting off with spirit days, Leadership has put together inclusive dress-up days following the homecoming theme, Disney. 

Monday is childhood Disney day, dress up like your favorite childhood Disney character. Tuesday is Disney class level themes, dress up according to what land in Disneyland your grade is •9th: Mickey’s ToonTown

  • 10th: Adventureland
  • 11th: Galaxy’s Edge
  • 12th: Fantasyland 

Wednesday is Disney Tourist day, which means dress like you’re going on a trip to Disneyland. Thursday is class colors, get decked out in your class color. Lastly, Friday is Dragon T-shirt day, wear your t-shirt that was handed out at material distribution in the fall!


The administration has put together with care packages for seniors. Seniors can pick up their care package full of Disney and dragon spirit on Monday from 3-5.

 Leadership is also hosting a dress your wheels contest throughout the week, for a chance to win a new set of AirPods. You can decorate your car, bike, scooter, skateboard, or anything on wheels. You can decorate it in dragon spirit or Disney theme. 

 After watching all of the broadcasts and rallies throughout the week the student body will vote for homecoming king and queen. The final winners will be announced on Friday.  


After a spirit-filled week, it was concluded with the long-awaited announcement of the 2021 Homecoming King and Queen. Our king and queen this year are Toni Arzaga and Hector Vargas!