Course Scheduling Inspires Students

Scheduling classes is an annual occurrence for many students to choose their next year’s courses. Usually this ritual takes place during the spring months and is scheduled in a history or P.E. class.  

Sophomore Brooklyn Peterson explains that she is “starting to feel excited for the new school year because [she’s] really looking forward to sports seasons and school events.” As an avid soccer player, COVID has prevented Peterson’s ability to be with friends doing what she loves.

 “I’m excited to take art junior year, and work with other media such as clay,”said Peterson. Scheduling is an important time for juniors as their ability to have more personalized classes expands because of the completion of their A-G requirements.

Peterson expands on her love of the elective, saying, “My favorite class this year was art class. It is my fourth period so it’s in the middle of the day, which I am really happy for because I use it as a time to escape and make art.” She continues, “It’s a peaceful mental break for the chaotic school days.” 

The art room at SVHS is one of the most creative places on campus, as it is covered in tons of special creations and pieces done by students throughout the years.

Joe Da Vita, a junior, was asked, what is your current favorite class, and what factors do you take into consideration when choosing classes for next year? “My current favorite class is AP U.S. History because I find it interesting and attention capturing.”

On the factors, “For choosing classes next year I take into consideration the workload, amount of rigor and time management that would impact the other aspects of my life,” stated Da Vita. 

It is important to note when scheduling courses for the 2021-2022 school year that most likely students will be back in class during the fall, so some aspects of classes will be different from distance learning.