February Artist of the Month Sofia Robledo

Creations of Culture


Morgan Salars, Writer

Sofia Robledo is a talented AP art student who expresses her talent through drawings. Sofia has lived in Sonoma her whole life and always has had a passion for art. 

Sofia chose to take art in high school because of her interest in it at a young age. In the future, Sofia plans to study fine art and have a career that involves art. 

Sofia is inspired by her connection to her Mexican heritage and culture. Bright and vivid colors along with memories are represented throughout her work. When asked what Sofia enjoys about art she explains, “I like that every culture has a different interpretation of art which allows every artist to learn from various outlets, allowing them to craft their own style.”

Coronavirus has actually had a positive impact on Sofia’s artwork.  “I have more time to think independently and find inspiration/motivation from other online artists” Sophia remarks. 

The community of SVHS looks forward to seeing more of Sofia’s vivid pieces as her future in a lifelong passion and career awaits.