Robinhood takes aim at Wall St.

Rollo Benstead, writer

The stock market has been all over the news recently with the gigantic boom of investors into Gamestop, or its stock name, GME.

Gamestop rose from a $43 stock on January 4 to a  $484 stock on January 28. rising over 1000 percent.

This type of rapid growth is almost unheard of. It was caused by tons of stock investors around the world who banded together and invested at around the same time to take GME “to the moon” as they say it.

This caused outrage for Wall Street investors, or the rich trying to get richer because they lost a ton of money.

 So as Wall Street works with robinhood, which is the website many investors use to buy, sell and trade stocks, they started limiting how much their users could buy and sell of Gamestop stock, causing outrage to all those who originally invested in Gamestop.