Homecoming Court Ballots Are Out – Vote

Ema Camarena-Martinez

SVHS will continue its ongoing tradition, the nomination of the Homecoming Court. Juniors and seniors were emailed a Google Form with more information and were posted on their individual grade level google classrooms.

The Google Document labeled Homecoming 2020-2021 Candidate Ballot, has the names of all senior girls and boys. Upperclassmen must choose five girls and five boys who would best represent members of Homecoming Court. The ballot closes Thursday, January 21 at the end of the school day. 

After the five girls and boys have been chosen they will all be considered in the “Good Standing,” and be notified of their victory. After agreeing on their participation they will attend a meeting on January 25. The meeting focuses on homecoming activities and due dates for bios.

When considering the next Homecoming court the Leadership class wants you to think about who you believe shows traits of kindness, compassion, and school spirit?