Capitol Stormed, America Outraged

Aidan Griggs-Demmin, Tymen Giller


  • Heightened security measures at inauguration include road closures, bridge closures, and nearly 21,000 National Guard troops
  • Additional preventive security measures are being taken
  • President-Elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as president at the inauguration at the White House on Wednesday, Jan 20
  • Over 100 rioters have been arrested by the FBI, with hundreds more open case files
  • President Trump was also permanently banned from several social media networks, including Twitter and Facebook
  • In the days following the insurrection, the 25th Amendment was considered, and President Trump was impeached by the House of Representative on grounds of inciting violence
  • It was only when the insurrection had gone on for several hours when President Trump issued a statement via Twitter telling the rioters to “go home in peace.”
  • President Trump took to social media several times during the violence, urging supporters to “stay safe” and assuring them that they were the “party of law and order”
  • Congressional meeting was resumed slightly after 8 pm EST, more than 6 hours after the insurrection began
  • Riot lasted until past sundown, with control of the building being retaken that night
  • Senators and representatives were forced to shelter, evacuate, and hide
  • Rioters spread throughout the building, reaching the floor of the Congress and many lawmakers’ offices
  • Hundreds entered the building, breaking windows and destroying property in the process
  • Thousands of Trump supporters gathered right outside Capitol at south end of National Mall after President Trump spoke at a “Save America” rally across the Mall
  • Insurrection fueled by misinformation spread online by the president and those who support him
  • Insurrection began just before 2 pm EST, around the time of the beginning of the counting of the electoral votes for the November 2020 presidential election
  • 6 died in insurrection at Capitol in Washington D.C., including 2 police officers