Support Boosters by Wearing It


SVHS’s Boosters Club works to promote and aid student clubs, organizations, athletics, and activities through financial support. 

Their goal is to help provide students with numerous activities to ensure that every student can join an activity that they are passionate about. 

President of the Boosters Club, Christine Neles, explains that they are still helping during distanced learning. He says, “Boosters is still supporting our students during distance learning. We haven’t had our usual funding request but anticipate our student’s return. We want to be able to support extracurricular activities as we have in the past.” 

To help support SVHS student’s activities Boosters has Dragon Spirit Wear available on their website up for sale. During distance learning, spirit wear items can be delivered to you directly. 

Despite being online there is always time to show off your Dragon spirit and support the extracurricular activities SVHS offers.